Rice is Nice

Many rice farmers in the Philippines do not own their land and often make so little from their crops that they cannot feed their families or send their children to school.

In the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, PWRDF partner FARDEC operates a rice mill that pays farmers more for their rice and charges less to mill it.

What we have accomplished:

Six months after Typhoon Haiyan, the first rice harvest took place in the Philippines.  This signifies a return to “normalcy” for farming communities, as well as the return of their ability to provide for themselves.  By working with partners, PWRDF continues to support communities in providing food security for farmers and their children.

Fred’s Goal:

Your gift of $100 will keep the rice mill open for a week, provide farmers with a fair price for their rice crops and encourage them to make their living from the land.  Let’s support families and ensure a better future for their children.