Kids Rock

Owning a dairy goat can make all the difference to a family living with AIDS by providing milk for familymembers and generating an income.

In Tanzania, PWRDF partner the Diocese of Masasi runs programs that focus on food security, maternal and child health, sanitation and protection of the environment.  They also work to combat HIV and AIDS, malaria and other preventable diseases.

What we have accomplished:

The Diocese of Masasi has distributed dairy goats, chickens, oxen, maize and ground nuts, and there are plans to distribute dairy cattle.  The goats are providing a vital source of nutrition and income for individuals and families.  Kids are given to others in the community to further ensure food security.  Six kids were born in 2014.

Fred’s Goal:

Your gift of $80 provides affected vamilies with a goat that will supply a source of nutrition and a means of sustainable income.  Two goats are better than one as they provide offspring and can provide for many families!