Fred Says – the 5 A’s of Food Security

5As-logo462x299-smallDuring Year 3 of the Fred Says Food Security Campaign, we are digging deeper to broaden our understanding of food security and food sovereignty. There are 5 basic principles of food security, which we like to call the 5 A’s. They help to educate people on the complexities and the simplicities that are involved in addressing the barriers to food that exist for many people in today’s world.

People experience food security when their food needs meet the following criteria:
Availability: Food is available to people at all times
Article: Madre Tierra in Guatemala
Fred Says Video “Availability

Accessibility: People have economic and physical access to food
Article: EHALE in Mozambique
Fred Says Video “Accessibility

 Acceptability: Food is culturally acceptable
Article: UBINIG in Bangladesh
Fred Says Video “Acceptability

Appropriate: Food is nutritious-free from harmful chemicals
Article: The Episcopal Church in Cuba
Fred Says Video “Appropriate

Agency: People are able to influence policies and processes that affect their lives
Article: SFPTC in Philippines
Fred Says Video “Agency

In our five videos, Fred takes us to PWRDF partners and projects to look at the impacts that available, accessible, acceptable and appropriate food sources are making in people’s diets and on their health. Learn how important it is to have a voice and the ability to affect change to policies around food security and land ownership.

Download the Fred Says Toolkit:

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Food security is an important part of the work of PWRDF. For vulnerable people and communities, Fred Says, “It all starts with food”: education, health, the ability to work and to provide food for life”.

Please join us as we continue to learn and to support PWRDF partners.

For information on the campaign, please contact Christine Hills.