Photos and Videos


Plowing a field in the Philippines. Photo: Simon Chambers

PWRDF hosts over 1000 photos on its Flickr site.  You can browse albums from particular countries or events, or around a theme like food security, Fred Says, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, and more.



PWRDF’s growing library of videos on YouTube showcases a variety of videos about PWRDF projects, interviews with supporters, Fred Says videos and more.


PWRDF produces PowerPoint presentations that are available for download and use in parishes or at other events to promote its work.

What is PWRDF?

What is PWRDF PowerPoint coverThis PowerPoint introduces the breadth of PWRDF’s work in 21 slides (including the cover). It is designed to be used as a 5-10 minute introduction to PWRDF through pictures and brief stories for parish presentations, coffee hours, etc.

Download the presentation (10.6Mb)

Welcoming the Stranger

This presecover slide for Welcoming the Stranger Powerpointntation helps people to understand the process of refugee sponsorship in Canada. With thanks to  the Rev. Bill Mous and Debra Fieguth for editing and Elizabeth Walton who compiled the original presentation.

Download the presentation (9Mb)


Typhoon Haiyan Response

Typhoon Haiyan Powerpoint coverThe Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund has been working in relief and reconstruction with a variety of partners in the Philippines since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the region on November 8, 2013. This powerpoint covers PWRDF’s work in the first year of relief and reconstruction work.

Download the presentation (4Mb)

Disaster Response

This presentation introduces the four stages of disaster response: relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and sustainable development with examples from PWRDF’s work in the last several years including the 2004 tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Pakistan flooding, and Japan earthquake.

Download the presentation (12Mb)