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PWRDF produces a multitude of resources to share the story of its work, to engage children and young people, and to help supporters to raise funds for the organization.  Whether you’re a parish representative, youth worker, Diocesan representative, or just looking for good resources, PWRDF has something for you.

General Resources

Hunger-is-not-a-gameNEW: Hunger is not a game

This resource encourages people to watch The Hunger Games movie together and reflect on the messages that the movie contains about food. This resource is divided into six sessions. In each session you will watch a scene from the movie, have a discussion, participate in an activity, and learn about PWRDF and the work partners are doing around food.

Download (1Mb)


Sharing Bread cover

NEW: Sharing Bread

Sharing Bread is an inter-generational educational resource that explores the complex issues around food security globally and in Canada. This resource can be used as a whole or for single sessions.

Download the resource (1.2Mb)

children laughing at a play about family planning in Mozambique.  Photo: Simon Chambers2012 – 2013 Program Summaries

This 8 page document provides an overview of the development program by region.



Introducing PWRDF

This pamphlet provides an essential overview on PWRDF, its history, mission, partners, and program priorities. This is a great information piece to use at public awareness sessions and to answer any key questions about the organization and what we do.

Cost: Free

Download the  Introducing PWRDF Brochure (449kb)

Memorial and Gift Cards

Memorial Card 3 3/4 x 6 inches
A caring way to honour those special to you by making a gift to PWRDF.  The cards include an envelope and tear off portion for the contribution to PWRDF, and an envelope for you to send the card to your honouree. Card cover. Card inside.

Inside text: A gift has been made to The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund in the memory of: _________ from:

Special Occasion card 3 3/4 x 6 inchesThis lovely card showing a young Haitian boy enables you to donate to PWRDF for that special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, birth of a child, etc. Card inside.Inside text: Congratulations on Your Special Occasion A gift has been made to The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund for the special occasion of:_______ from:______

Cards may be ordered through:
Jennifer Brown
Finance Team
Phone: 416-924-9199 Extension #:355

Harvest of LettersHarvest of LettersThe Harvest of Letters is available as a download  (6.9Mb) from PWRDF.  To order print copies, please visit the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Sanctuary: A Guide for Anglican Churches in Canada

Sanctuary: A Guide for Anglican Churches in Canada provides practical information for Anglican parishes responding to a request for sanctuary. It frames the meaning, theological foundation and ethical concerns of sanctuary, and outlines a process to help a parish assess the implications, legal and otherwise, of that response. Finally, it provides information about Canada’s refugee-determination system and the legal options available to the person requesting sanctuary. It is important to note that this resource does not replace spiritual and legal counsel for the parish or refugee. Fundamentally, the decision to grant sanctuary belongs to the parish and must be an informed decision and a decision of faith.

Download  the Sanctuary guide in PDF format.


The PWRDF logo consists of two elements, shown in the examples below:

The preferred color for the PWRDF symbol is PANTONE Matching system Coated: Purple CV. To accommodate artistic considerations or limited technology, the logo can also be reproduced in black or white.
ITC Legacy Sans Medium is the preferred typeface for the name of the organization.
ITC Legacy Sans is the preferred typeface for all publications.
ITC Legacy Serif typefaces are used for captions, headlines and for emphasis.
PWRDF Logo = symbol + the name: The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

For permission to use the PWRDF logo please e-mail a request to PWRDF.

Point of Light- A Vigil for World AIDS Day

Join us in honouring World AIDS Day on December 1st by partaking in the service below.  Throughout the service there are many opportunities for the letters which are also attached below to be read.  There is also a Leader’s Guide for your convenience.

Who can I speak with at PWRDF about our parish involvement and PWRDF resources?

PWRDF would love to talk to you about making the best use of resources in your parish and what materials are available to share the story with your congregation.  We may be able to pass on a good idea from another community, and let you know who else is active in your area.  And we want to know if you have something to share.

Christine Hills
Public Engagement Program Officer
Phone: 416-924-9192 Ext. 325

Archived Resources

Lent Book Cover2014 Lent Resource was written by Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz. We invite you to join us in these Lenten Reflections that encourage thought and action on issues of Food Security.

Download the:
2014 Lenten Resource (503kb)
2014 Lenten Resource (print marked) (423kb)

Advent Book Cover2013 Advent Resource, written by Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz explores issues of food security.
Download the:





2012 Advent ReflectionsPWRDF’s 2012 Advent Reflections are written by the Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz on the theme of foodAdvent Book Cover security.Download the  2012 Advent Resource