Namana Lamor


Matthew Sawatzky photo

Namana Lamor thinks she may have been born in 2000, but she’s not sure. She is the youngest of four children. Their father has died. They used to have cattle to provide milk and meat and ate the sorghum they harvested and local vegetables. Three years ago their cattle were raided and now the drought has made it impossible to grow anything. There hasn’t been any rain since last December. About three times a week they go to bed with empty bellies. When they do eat, it’s only one meal a day of rice, or sometimes posho. Namana has never been to school because her family has no money for school fees. To earn an income, they are cutting down trees to make charcoal. Namana takes the charcoal to the market, one sack at a time, walking an hour each way to Kapoeta. This is the third time her family has received food assistance, which they share with up to 10 people.