Geoff Strong

Diocese of British Columbia

Originally from Newfoundland, Geoff and his wife have lived in eight provinces and he has represented PWRDF in several parishes, and has been diocesan representative in both Alberta and British Columbia. Geoff gives frequent parish presentations on PWRDF, organizes an annual workshop and writes a monthly article for the Diocesan Post, companion paper to the Anglican Journal. Geoff was a member of the PWRDF delegation to Tanzania in May 2017, and is presently the PWRDF Diocesan Representative for the Diocese of British Columbia. Geoff has been an atmospheric scientist for more than 50 years in a career encompassing weather forecasting, atmospheric and climate research, consulting, and teaching with Environment Canada, Alberta Research Council and several universities. He continues to write and present scientific articles on precipitation/evaporation processes, drought and climate cycles and writes novels on environmental issues.