Water Stories

Perfect timing in Uganda

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Clean water, good hygiene and sanitation are keys to stopping the spread of cholera. Photo: Julien Harneis (https://www.flickr.com/photos/julien_harneis/589718393)

When PWRDF announced on August 12 that it was sending $30,000 to support relief efforts for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, we had no idea […]

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Irrigation Solution

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Irma Gonon and her family use the water storage system behind them to irrigate their crops and provide water for their home. Photo: Elsa Tesfay

Even after you’ve learned new farming techniques, it’s hard to grow enough food to feed and support your family without enough water to help the […]

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PWRDF provides water supplies to 50,000 people in Tanzania

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A boy pumps water in Ruponda, Tanzania. A new borehole in the village provides water for 3000 people. Photo: Zaida Bastos

For women in 12 villages in rural Tanzania, life is getting better.  Before PWRDF and the Diocese of Masasi, with funding from the Department of […]

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Fish farming refugees use water creatively

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Noah Errambona, a Burundian refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, at the fish pond he and some fellow refugees are using for income.  Photo: Jeannethe Lara

The Kakuma refugee camp in north-western Kenya is home to 180,000 people who have fled conflicts in Ethiopia, Somalia, Burundi, South Sudan, Uganda, and other […]

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Clean Water Improves Health and Lives in Tanzania

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Woman pumping water in Tanzania

PWRDF and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) worked with the Diocese of Masasi to bring clean, drinkable water to over 33,000 people living in […]

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Water: the Gift of Empowerment

Africa Stories, Featured, Tanzania Stories, Water Stories, Women Stories

Habiba Natenda lives in the village of Mtalikachau in rural Masasi, Tanzania.  Each day, she had to walk 10kilometres to fill a 20 litre bucket […]

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PWRDF Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Emergency Response Stories, Featured, Haiti Stories, Water Stories

Thousands of Haitians have become infected with cholera in the last two weeks, and over 250 died from the outbreak.  While new infections have slowed, […]

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Quest for Water

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June 20 Story: Quest for Water Farmers in the community of Englanded, Philippines didn’t know when they approached the Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) that they […]

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Water plays vital role on World Environment Day

Africa Stories, Ecological Justice, Featured, Tanzania Stories, Water Stories, Women Stories

We turn on the tap a dozen times a day, always expecting and receiving relatively pure, treated water. We use it to drink and cook, […]

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The sacred gift of water

Canada Stories, Indigenous Stories, Water Stories

Voices of Hope Pew Bulletin Story Canada The congregation of St. George’s Anglican Church, Clarksburg, Huron,welcomed Shirley John, an Ojibway elder from Saugeen First Nation […]

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