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Jeannethe Lara

The story of Ixmucane in Guatemala

The Ixmucane coordinating team

When women lead, everyone wins By Jeannethe Lara Ixmucane is a women’s organization established in 1993 in Peten, a province in the north-west of Guatemala. […]

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Women from All Walks of Life Continue Chasing Equity and Equality

Africa Stories, Featured, Women Stories

The 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day invites us to see what we have achieved so far as individuals and as a society.  Within the […]

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Au Revoir Nina

Canada Stories, Featured, Refugees and Migrants Stories

The Anglican Refugee Network is an informal association of volunteers and staff from Canadian Anglican diocesan refugee committees that supports refugees in Canada.  The committees […]

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Cuban churches acting on post-emergency recovery

Cuba Stories, Emergency Response Stories, Featured, Latin America Caribbean Stories

In March 2009, The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund will be holding a Partnership Forum in Cuba with a number of partners from throughout […]

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