The poor need bread AND beauty

Justice Camp participants debriefing after their immersion groups have regathered together. Photo: Diocese of Niagara

All the immersion groups are now back at the centre in Matanzas for a time of sharing impressions and wrap-up for the week. Each immersion group presented a short piece of drama that enacted their common experience.

It will take us Canadians some time to process what we’ve learned; there is so much about Cuban culture and history that makes this place  very different from most developing countries. Meanwhile, we have been struck by the strong sense of community and identity, no doubt reinforced  by the economic adversities that most Cubans face.

We have also been so impressed by the unquestioned priority that all the churches here give to playing a leading role  in helping their communities with basic needs in whatever ways they are able. “We are not interested in people’s hunger to fill pews we are concerned with people’s hunger and we do what we can,” said the Rev.  Carlos Alberto Tamayo of Los Arabos.

Also, “The poor need bread AND  beauty,” speaks to the abundance of art and music everywhere we go.  We could also learn so much   from the resourcefulness and ingenuity which they apply to this practice.

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