PWRDF Executive Director to retire in May, 2016

PWRDF Executive Director Adele Finney. Photo: Jesse Dymond

A letter from Archbishop Fred Hiltz, President of the PWRDF Board of Directors and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada:

It is with sadness and hope that I am announcing today that PWRDF’s Executive Director, Adele Finney, will be retiring as of May 31, 2016.  Sadness because we will be losing the wisdom, talent and knowledge that Adele has brought to her position in her six years as Executive Director.  Hope because of the future her leadership has brought us to.

Adele announced on Friday to the PWRDF National Gathering of Board members, Diocesan representatives and Youth Council that she will be leaving PWRDF at the end of May.  When I asked her to come to PWRDF as interim executive director at the beginning of 2010, I had no idea that we would be blessed to have Adele with us for almost 7 years, first as interim and then as permanent ED.

During Adele’s tenure, PWRDF has continued to grow as a learning organization.  It has entered into new agreements with the Canadian government for maternal, newborn and child health work.  Its budget has grown to reflect the new scope of its work.

As Adele said in her remarks, “PWRDF is not the organization it was when I came, and we’re standing breathlessly at the edge of going forward with greater confidence about the program we have achieved and the opportunity to integrate it at every level—internationally and in Canada.”

This is not our farewell to Adele- she will be with us for another seven months.  But it is the beginning of a time of transition for PWRDF and the Anglican Church of Canada, and for Adele and her family.  Please hold them all in your prayers!

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