PWRDF Provides Aid After Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines today, causing the evacuation of over 700,000 people, the loss of power to an entire province, and unknown levels of damage to homes, schools and businesses in the area.  We do know that very few buildings can withstand the 315 km/h winds that are estimated to have swept Haiyan ashore.

PWRDF is responding to the storm by sending an initial grant of $20,000 through the ACT Alliance to provide relief to those affected.  ACT will provide food, water, medicine, and hygiene items to affected families in the affected areas.

One of the implementing partners of the ACT appeal is the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), a partner PWRDF has worked with for years on development projects in the area.

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One Comment

  1. Scott
    Posted November 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    I am really glad to hear of the quick response to the disaster! Thank you PWRDF for all your hard work!