Messages of Hope

Elsa and I are once again on a bus. We’re now headed home from Baguío to Manila, having completed a quick immersion in the Cordilleras. Yesterday afternoon we got to meet with members of a Human Rights Organisation, who work involves tracking and documenting violations.

We chatted with some farmers who are struggling to keep their livelihoods in natural farming, having realized that “suicide seeds” and chemical fertilizers/insecticides actually produce a lower yield and prevent their ability for subsistence. We met with indigenous groups who shared their stories of struggle and success in maintaining land, language, and culture. This morning we met with an indigenous people’s alliance who celebrate their successes as they struggle for rights and political change.
Throughout our meetings, the message has been clear: these people have hope. They have strength and courage and a good knowledge of what their purpose is. They also are grateful; everyone has been eager to detail how support from PWRDF has enabled and empowered them in ther ministry. They are young and young-at-heart, they are committed, they are confident. And they are hopeful.  Hopeful for the present, hopeful for the future.  Hopeful that they will see positive change not only for themselves but for future generations. So this afternoon, I am filled with inspiration. I am blessed to have heard their stories, I am honored to be able to share their stories, I am hopeful that another world will not only be possible for my new friends but will become a reality.
This hope is not simply optimism, but an expression of faith- God willing, change will happen. God willing, strength will endure and justice prevail. God willing, we will all celebrate being a people of faith and hope and love.

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