A New Home Brings New Hope

Olivia Jean outside her transitional home. Photo: Simon Chambers

Olivia Jean moved into her new home in June of this year.  Her family of three lives in the 3m by 6m transitional home constructed by PWRDF in St. Matthieu, Haiti.  Over 80% of the houses in the region were destroyed in the January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated the region, but today more people are living in houses than in tents.

Ms. Jean’s family is one of seventy families for whom PWRDF has constructed transitional homes in St. Matthieu.  Each of these homes has two windows, a bathroom and toilet (built separately), and comes with two mosquito nets to help protect the family from malaria.

It may not sound like a lot, but it is a huge improvement over living in the tents that millions of people called home after the earthquake.  “Getting people into temporary housing is so important,” said Father Frantz Cole””the director of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti’s development agency CEDDISEC. “People don’t feel safe in the tents, especially in the evening, when it is hard to get water for washing and cooking.”

Ms. Jean has a well and an electric pump for water at her house.  She supports her family by selling candy locally, and has a garden with a variety of plants (banana, papaya, coconut, cocoa, mango, and cherry) that she tends.  She also has two goats and a mule for transportation.

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