Unity in Diversity

Voices of Hope Pew Bulletin Story
Latin America

Rev. Raul Suarez, the director of the Martin Luther King Centre in Cuba, knows how important it is to bring people of common cause together to learn from and support each other. He also knows that the church has a very significant role to play in building cooperation. PWRDF is committed to supporting a new movement for social and environmental justice in the Latin America region.
Previously these change movements were rooted in political party structures and many communities throughout the region are still scarred from the battles fought on these lines in the last 50 years. Today, in spite of continued hardship and ongoing poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, there is new hope being found as people reach across borders and beyond the traditional identities in new alliances for a better world, The Martin Luther King Centre in Cuba, a long-time PWRDF partner, with its dynamic popular education program is at the forefront of this movement. With the support of PWRDF, the MLK Centre organized a four day “Emancipatory Paradigms” event that brought together more than 550 representatives of grassroots organizations, community leaders, religious and spiritual leaders, and academics mainly from Latin America. Women, Indigenous people, peasants, clergy, union leaders, environmentalists— each made a contribution towards overcoming barriers and shaping a new movement based on life with dignity. PWRDF is proud to have supported this space that united such a diversity of leadership in the common quest for peace with justice.  Unity in Diversity (PDF)

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