The Seeds of a Cow

Sweet gourds are a good source of nutrition and income for farmers in Bangladesh. Photo: UBINIG

Champa Begum lives with her husband, Saiful and their younger child on 1/10 of an acre of land in Shalpa Naru village in Bangladesh.   Champa […]

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The Nanganga Clinic

Dr. Selemane Kazibwe is proud to be part of the health team at the Nanganga clinic.  Photo: Bart Dickinson

The community of Nanganga, Tanzania is home to a small health clinic supported by PWRDF and the Diocese of Masasi, with funding from Global Affairs […]

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Ride for Refuge and support health workers in Africa

Rosa's bicycle helps her to cover the more than 1500 square kilometers of her territory as a Community Health Worker in Mozambique. Photo: Zaida Bastos

Rosa is a Community Health Worker in Meconta District in Mozambique. She is the first-line of health information and care to hundreds of pregnant women, […]

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Perfect timing in Uganda

Clean water, good hygiene and sanitation are keys to stopping the spread of cholera. Photo: Julien Harneis (

When PWRDF announced on August 12 that it was sending $30,000 to support relief efforts for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, we had no idea […]

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PWRDF announces $30,000 for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

By early December 2015, Uganda had become home to almost 511,000 refugees and asylum seekers, making it the third largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, after […]

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