PWRDF announces $20,000 for displaced people following Mosul military operation

Food packages like these will be distributed to families fleeing the violence in and around Mosul. Photo: ACT/Christian Aid/Tracey Shelton

As the battle to retake Mosul begins, humanitarian agencies estimate that 1.5 million people will be impacted.  This is in addition to the one third […]

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PWRDF expands relief work in Haiti and Cuba

Distribution of supplies to people who were affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Photo: FCA

As Hurricane Matthew dissipates at last, the extent of the storm’s effects in Haiti and Cuba is being assessed.  And the numbers are staggering.  Over […]

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Starting the Family Garden

Veliswa and her granddaughter working in their family garden. Photo: Jeanine Cudmore

Veliswa Hlekani took up gardening for her family.  She was diagnosed with HIV in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she was sick enough […]

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PWRDF launches appeal for Haiti relief

Hurricane Matthew caused flooding and mudslides in Haiti, displacing tens of thousands of people. Photo: LWF Haiti

As Hurricane Matthew continues to batter the US, its devastation in Haiti is still being discovered. Matthew was the strongest storm to hit Haiti in […]

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PWRDF announces initial $15,000 grant for relief work in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew satellite image from US Navy

Hurricane Matthew is the strongest storm to hit Haiti in almost a decade.  The nation, still recovering from the devastating 2010 earthquake, has been battered […]

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Reflecting on Fort McMurray

Susan Newton and Toks Adebayo serving lunch at the BBQ after the Thanksgiving service in Fort McMurray. Photo: Heather Roberts

All of us across Canada watched with shock, in early May of 2016, as wildfires engulfed areas around and even in the city of Fort […]

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