In the case of a Canada Post labour disruption

Canada Post logo

As of this weekend, Canada Post workers may be on strike or locked out from their work.  While we hope that a labour disruption will […]

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Wedding Bells in Burundi

The mayor of Gihanga, Burundi officiating at the weddings of 180 couples. Photo: Zaida Bastos

June is thought of as the month for weddings.  In Burundi, weddings have taken on an important role in securing the rights of women in […]

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The Long Haul in Fort McMurray

By DarrenRD - File:Landscape view of wildfire near Highway 63 in south Fort McMurray.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Bishop Fraser Lawton of the Diocese of Athabasca recalls that the Great Slave Lake fire occurred 5 years before the wildfires devastated Fort McMurray this […]

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Caring for Refugees in Cairo

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For refugees who have had to leave everything behind and flee for their lives from violence or persecution, finding a place of safety, a new […]

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